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Pint-Sized Pals

Pint-Sized Pals

Early Socialization, Cognitive, Communication, Adaptive Skills

Ages Birth-3

Our infant-toddler group, Pint-Sized Pals, serves as an introduction to early socialization in a group setting.

  • Several areas of development will be targeted such as cognitive, social, communication, and adaptive skills.
  • Children are exposed to learning in a group environment, easing the transition into KGH’s Play Pals and/ or other preschool programs.
  • Within this group, we also support and strengthen parent/guardian knowledge and ability to promote their child’s learning outside of the clinical setting. Parent participation in this group is highly encouraged!

Offered At:

Madison Center

North Shore Center

Social and Group Therapy Services

KGH offers several motivating social groups to address social challenges that are relevant to our early childhood clients. Our early childhood social groups focus on increasing participation in a variety of group activities, appropriate social communication, appropriate peer interactions, cooperative play, and early problem-solving skills. 

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