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Friends Are Fun!

Play, Social Language Development, Friendship Development

Ages 3-5 (pre K-kindergarten)

Friends are Fun is an interactive group for 3 to 5 year-olds (pre-K through kindergarten) that targets play, social language, and friendship development in a semi-structured format.

  • Specific goals that will be addressed include increasing participation in a variety of group activities, increasing appropriate social communication (e.g., initiating play, asking questions, reciprocal conversation, giving directions to peers, providing supportive comments, responding to peer requests), knowledge and ability to engage in cooperative play, and early problem-solving skills.
  • This group is designed for children that currently have a basic understanding of turn taking and keeping their hands to themselves, demonstrate low rates of maladaptive behavior, are motivated by peers, can attend to a speaker in a group setting for at least 10 consecutive minutes, and follow simple one-step, group directions (e.g., stand up, come here, sit down, line up, clean up, get a chair).

Offered At:

Madison Center

North Shore Center

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KGH offers several motivating social groups to address social challenges that are relevant to our early childhood clients. Our early childhood social groups focus on increasing participation in a variety of group activities, appropriate social communication, appropriate peer interactions, cooperative play, and early problem-solving skills. 

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