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Feeding Support

Do you have concerns regarding your child’s feeding? Does your child have a limited repertoire of foods they consume? Does your child exhibit challenging behaviors during mealtime? If so, our feeding program is for your child!

  • Evidence-based assessments and techniques will be implemented by a behavior consultant and certified speech language pathologist to decrease mealtime challenging behaviors and support the expansion of your child’s food repertoire, as well as assess oral motor function to promote safer chewing and swallowing habits.
  • Food sensitivities will be supported and goals will be focused on introducing, exploring and consuming novel food items.
  • Parent/caregiver participation is required to learn strategies to carry over into the home to support achievement.

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KGH offers innovative and comprehensive individual therapy services for infants, toddlers, and children with autism spectrum disorder.  We provide individualized and evidence-based therapy, consultation, education, support, and empowerment for children and their families.

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