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High School: Here I Am!

Coping Skills, Social Skills, Problem Solving, Friendship Development, Self-Empowerment, Self-Advocacy

Grades 9-10

High School: Here I Am! is designed for students to gain comfort and knowledge as they begin or continue in their rst two years of high school.

  • Some topics that may be discussed include adjusting to the new setting, balancing schedules, school work and leisure, making friends and nding a peer group, finding your “comfort zone,” being true to who you are, relationships with teachers and other sta , and choosing after-school activities.
  • This group is best-suited for clients in 9th and 10th grades that are currently able to engage in reciprocal conversations, attend to a speaker in a group setting for 60 minutes and demonstrate low rates of maladaptive behavior.

Offered At:

Madison Center

North Shore Center

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