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Focused ABA Therapy

Our focused ABA therapy program uses the science of behavior analysis to teach skills across a limited number of areas. We provide therapy and coaching where it is most meaningful to you and your child, whether in our center, in your home or in the community.

  • For example, focused ABA therapy may aim to decrease problematic behaviors while simultaneously strengthening your child’s ability to emit more appropriate and functional behaviors.
  • Some behavior change targets may also include establishing compliance and independence with self-care skills, daily living skills and safety skills.
  • Your behavior consultant will directly provide individualized therapy, program supervision and parent coaching.
  • Therapy hours and location vary based on your behavior consultant’s comprehensive assessment, corresponding therapy recommendations and a determination of the therapy schedule that will best meet the needs of your family.
  • Therapy sessions can occur in the clinic, home, community, school, summer camp or wherever you need us!

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