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We Are Here For Your Whole Family

KGH understands that autism, and related special needs, doesn't impact just one person in the family. We believe success depends on the entire family feeling empowered and supported. That's why our services embrace the family as a whole. Research tells us that parents who are trained and taught specific skills see a dramatic improvement in their child’s behavior compared to parents who are just informed about their child’s behavior (Lecavalier, 2015). KGH offers family support services to all members of the family including parents, caregivers, siblings, and extended family. We provide individualized and evidence-based consultation, education, support, and coaching on issues related to communication, challenging behavior, play, safety skills, and more. We will work with you to make sure that the skills your child learns in therapy not only transfer from our therapists to your family, but also from the therapy setting into your home and community. Parent coaching sessions can occur in the clinic, home, community, or wherever you need us.

Family Support

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Pediatric Parent Education & Empowerment Series

This interactive course includes an introduction to what therapy looks like at KGH, an overview of our treatment model, and a discussion about the ways we involve families in their child’s therapy in order to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

Teen and Young Adult Parent Education & Empowerment Workshop Series

This comprehensive workshop series is designed to assist parents in making important and informed decisions about their child's future.

Parent Coaching

Research has shown that better therapy outcomes are achieved when parents are consistently involved and active participants in their child’s therapy program.

Individual Material Making

We can provide families with a variety of teaching materials based on their child’s therapy goals that can be used to teach and generalize skills at home or in the community.

Therapeutic Community Outings

Do you wish you could go to dinner peacefully with your entire family? If so, this service can help. Your consultant can meet you at your choice of community-based setting to provide structure and support.

Parent Support Group

Our parent support group provides a safe and supportive environment that allows for active collaboration with other parents.

Sibling Therapeutic Sessions

Many times, siblings of individuals with developmental differences do not know how to effectively communicate and engage with their brother or sister.

Introduction to Autism: A Training for Babysitters, Caregivers, and Professionals

This workshop will be interactive and include discussions, videos, and activities to better understand how to interact with someone who has a diagnosis of ASD.