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Game Night!

Social Communication, Cooperation, Rule Following, Winning/Losing Games

Ages 8-10 (3rd-5th grade)

The goal of this social group is to teach children the value of interactive, cooperative and strategic games. Games taught will range from board games to card games to games that only exist in the imagination.

• Specific goals include learning and following complex rules, appropriate social interaction with peers, winning and losing appropriately, planning, perspective taking, flexible thinking, building and maintaining peer relationships, and working cooperatively toward a common goal.

• This group is most appropriate for children between the ages of 8 and 10 (3rd-5th grade) that are able to follow group directions, read short paragraphs independently, engage in reciprocal conversations with peers, engage in a group activity for up to 45 minutes and demonstrate low rates of maladaptive behavior.

Offered At:

Madison Center

North Shore Center

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