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Our Elementary School Services

Did your child just receive an ASD diagnosis or are you looking for a new therapy path? Does your child have difficulties expressing their wants and needs? Or exhibit challenges related to eating, sleeping, non-compliance, or meltdowns? Do you wish your child was toilet trained? Or able to interact more successfully with their peers or siblings? Are you worried about your child transitioning into a new school? KGH’s Elementary Program can provide help and support with all of these issues. We offer innovative and comprehensive therapy services for elementary-aged children with autism spectrum disorder. We provide individualized and evidence-based therapy, consultation, education, support, and empowerment for children and their families.

  • KGH provides a comprehensive approach to therapy and offers applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy, social work services, social groups, and parent education and empowerment.
  • We can address issues related to eating, sleeping, toileting, challenging behavior, functional language, social skills, safety skills, play and leisure skills, and self-care skills.
  • Our ABA program can be offered as either comprehensive or focused and uses the science of behavior analysis to address and remediate the core deficits or issues associated with the ASD diagnosis your child received; for example, communication, play, safety skills, and more. Research has shown that children with ASD and related special needs who receive early, individualized ABA intervention have a greater chance of future success.

Our Elementary Program

KGH offers comprehensive and focused therapy options as well as individual and group services, family support services, and consultation services all under one roof. Therapy sessions can take place at our clinic, in your home, out in the community, at school or daycare, or wherever you need us.

Our elementary group services include our recreational Camp KGH! that offers a supportive summer day camp experience, several social thinking groups based on the curriculum created by Michelle Garcia Winner (Superflex, We Thinkers), a Game Night social group centered around playing a variety of board and imaginative games, a Super Sports group to teach children how to play different sports and engage in appropriate sportsmanship behaviors, and many more.

Our Elementary Aged Services

Individual Therapy Services 

  • Comprehensive ABA Therapy
  • Focused ABA Therapy
  • Feeding Support
  • Challenging Behavior Support
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • AAC Evaluation and Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Social Dyad/Peer Play

Social and Group Therapy Services

  • We Thinkers! 
  • Superflex 101 
  • After-School Enrichment 
  • Mission Completion 
  • KGH All Stars 
  • Snack-N-Chat 
  • Plan & Party! 
  • Game Night! 
  • KGH Super Sports 
  • Minecraft Social Skills Club 

Recreational Services

  • Camp KGH! 

Family Support Services

  • Pediatric Parent Education & Empowerment Series
  • Parent Coaching
  • Individual Material Making
  • Therapeutic Community Outings Support
  • Parent Support Group
  • Sibling Therapeutic Sessions

Consultation Services

  • School Collaboration/IEP Support
  • Toilet Training Program
  • Consultation for School Districts