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Our Consultation Services

KGH provides a variety of consultative services to support the needs of our families and our community. For example, we offer an individualized toilet training program for families in which one of our behavior consultants will design and implement an effective and efficient toileting plan to get your child toilet trained! Additionally, because we recognize that navigating the educational system and coordinating school services with outside services be extremely challenging, we offer school consultation and IEP school support for parents of individuals with special needs. Finally, to help empower and educate, we offer trainings and support to local school districts in the effective use of ABA within schools to promote positive behavior and reduce challenging behavior. KGH can provide individualized consultation at home, school, out in the community, or wherever you need us.


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School Collaboration/IEP Support

KGH can provide on-site school support for you child in their classroom, at an IEP meeting, or in the form of collaborating with your child’s school team.

Toilet Training Program

KGH behavior consultants can help tackle toilet training effectively and efficiently! Your behavior consultant will work with you to create and implement an individualized and evidence-based toileting program that fits the needs of your child and family.

Consultation for School Districts

KGH can provide formal training and/or consultation services to school districts.