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ABA Therapist, Registered Behavior Technician

Laurie Domino, ABA Therapist, Registered Behavior Technician

Laurie received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Michigan State University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Professional Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology. She is also pursuing her Board Certified Behavior Analyst certificate coursework through her Master’s program at Florida Institue of Technology. She is currently pursuing her certification to become a Registered Behavior Technician. Previously, Laurie worked for five years as a ABA therapist in a variety of settings, including private clinics, in home early intervention, social skills groups, and a university based ABA preschool. She has assisted in research on parent training, social communication, cognitive skills in ADHD and autism, emotional development, and peer-mediated intervention. Her research on the genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders was presented at regional confidences and published in peer reviewed journals. Finally, she has led preschool and elementary theater and studio arts programs and served as a graduate student instructor for undergraduate psychology coursework. In her free time, Laurie enjoys playing the banjo and taking care of her dog and parrot. She is a passionate advocate for disability rights and believes every child on the spectrum should have the services they need to have their best start in life. She loves that KGH Autism Services gives so many children that opportunity and enjoys being part of a therapy team that helps children to grow and flourish.