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ABA Therapist, Registered Behavior Technician

Laura Rojas, ABA Therapist, Registered Behavior Technician

Laura is an ABA therapist and RBT with KGH. Laura graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Psychology and minored in Journalism.  In her free time, Laura enjoys baking, crocheting, doing various forms of art and also loves to read.
"I am very passionate about helping people in any way I can, especially to help them grow as people or to make their lives easier. A career in ABA is specifically oriented to helping individuals lead fulfilling lives and helping them overcome any difficulties they may be facing day-to-day, this is why I knew I wanted to be an ABA therapist and part of a team that dedicates themselves to bettering the lives of children and teens with autism such as KGH.  Thus far I have accomplished the task of raising a sweet daughter who loves to make friends wherever she goes, is always eager to learn, and who makes me very proud to be her mom."