Our Focused ABA Program | KGH Autism Services: ASD Treatment Clinic, Chicago & Madison

Our Focused ABA Program

Our Focused ABA therapy program uses the science of behavior analysis to teach across a limited, or focused, number of areas. We provide therapy and coaching where it is most meaningful for your child and family. For example, focused ABA therapy may aim to decrease challenging behaviors while simultaneously strengthening your child’s ability to emit more appropriate and functional behaviors. Some behavior change targets may also include establishing compliance and independence with self-care skills, daily living skills and safety skills. 

We use cutting edge assessments to identify skill strengths and weaknesses and to measure your child’s growth. Therapy sessions consist of a mixture of discrete trial instruction (DTT), natural environment teaching (NET) and teaching procedures reflective of the verbal behavior approach (VB) and Skinner’s analysis of language. Your child will receive ABA therapy from our highly trained RBTs under the close supervision of your behavior consultant. Your behavior consultant provides weekly direct 1:1 therapy with your child, program supervision and parent coaching.

Therapy hours vary based on your behavior consultant’s comprehensive assessment, corresponding therapy recommendations and a determination of the therapy schedule that will best meet the needs of your family.

When therapy occurs at the clinic, your child will benefit from our various treatment rooms (e.g., classroom, motor room, toy town, playground, etc.) with the goal of generalization across environments. 

We take objective data on all therapeutic goals and closely monitor progress on a daily basis. All therapeutic decisions are made based on objective data, not subjective opinions. If our data suggests our intervention isn’t working, then we change it until we find an intervention that works.

Getting Started

Our Family Intake Coordinator is here to help with the next steps.