An Individualized ABA Therapy Plan

KGH clinicians work collaboratively with families to create individualized therapy plans for all clients. You won't find universal milestones or one-size-fits-all therapy plans. Rather, we believe that each individual child deserves an individualized treatment program to meet their unique needs.

At KGH, we will work with you to design a comprehensive and unique therapy program for your child to match their individual needs and the needs of your family.

  • If your child is having difficulties at home, we will look into having a BCBA come to your home to provide parent coaching and support
  • If your child has speech or language needs, we will look into speech therapy sessions with one of our speech therapists
  • If your child has sensory or motor needs, we will look into occupational therapy sessions with one of our occupational therapists
  • If your child has mental health needs, we will look into mental health sessions with one of our licensed clinical social workers or licensed clinical professional counselors
  • If your child has difficulties with feeding (or is an extremely picky eater), we will look into feeding therapy sessions with our experienced feeding clinicians
  • If your child exhibits challenging behavior, we will look into conducting a functional behavior assessment to find out why the behavior is happening and develop an effective and efficient behavior intervention plan
  • If your child could benefit from social skills programming, we will look into finding an appropriate social skills group to best support your child’s social needs

We offer comprehensive and focused ABA therapy to address and remediate the core deficits of autism such as communication, play, safety skills, challenging behavior, etc. We also offer speech and occupational therapy, mental health services for both clients and families, social dyads/peer play groups to target social interaction, a variety of social groups for all ages, feeding therapy, AAC evaluation and treatment, and challenging behavior assessment and treatment. Therapy can take place at our clinic, in your home, in the community, at school or daycare, or wherever you need us.

Our Comprehensive ABA Therapy Program

Our Comprehensive ABA therapy program uses the science of behavior analysis to teach across a variety of areas. We provide therapy and coaching where it is most meaningful to you and your child.

Our Focused ABA Therapy Program

Our focused ABA treatment uses the science of applied behavior analysis to teach skills across a limited, or focused number of areas. We provide therapy and coaching where it is most meaningful to you and your child.