Getting Started | KGH Autism Services: ASD Treatment Clinic, Chicago & Madison

Getting Started

In order to best match our services with the specific needs of your family, KGH offers a complimentary intake screening, by phone or in-person, to better understand your child and family needs, learn about the challenges you’re facing and answer any questions you may have.

1. Get Support

Contact our Family Intake Director directly at 224-326-2206 or email

2. Learn How We Can Help

Our Family Intake Director is here to guide you through the intake process starting with identifying your challenges and sharing how KGH can help.

3. Insurance Support

Our Family Intake Director will provide a complementary benefits check to help you better understand which services are covered by your insurance plan. When you're ready to get started, our insurance department will work with your insurance provider to take care of the authorization process on your behalf.  

4. Scheduling

We have a dedicated Scheduling Coordinator to support you with scheduling, so that your therapy team can focus on your child’s learning. With many services under one roof, coordinating care is easy.

5. Welcome Meeting

Prior to your child’s first session, you will have a comforting welcome meeting with our Family Intake Coordinator.

6. Individual Assessment

Our seasoned team of professionals will meet with you to better under the needs of your child and family, help answer your questions and create an individualized therapy plan for your child.

7. See Results

Your therapy team will customize a therapy program specific to your child and family’s needs that will include information on recommended frequency and location of therapy, what sessions will look like, and how progress will be measured and evaluated.

We are with you at every step of this journey to ensure you and your child feel supported and empowered.


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