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Blog Articles Tagged "Covid19"

6 Quick Mindfulness Techniques for Parents & Caregivers

May 22nd, 2020 |

In this day and age, most of us are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  It is a time when trying to do something that feels good is difficult to do because of all of the unexpected responsibilities and the worries that have arisen.  You may have heard the term "mindfulness" getting tossed around and wondered what it is or, if you know what it is, think that no one has time to meditate right now.  It is true that finding time to practice formal mindfulness meditation is something that takes time and effort that most of us cannot do.  However, there are informal mindfulness exercises that you can use throughout your day as a way to try to reduce your stress, stay present, and focus on the things you want to focus on.  Here are a few of those exercises and techniques that can be used anytime and anywhere.

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