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How do I know if my child is ready for toilet training?

How do I know if my child is ready for toilet training?

By Erin on August 31st, 2018
North Shore Center Blog, Madison Center Blog

For many parents, getting your child toilet trained is a milestone that is eagerly awaited – no more buying diapers, wipes, and pull ups; just underwear from there on out – but how do you know when your child is ready to be toilet trained AND be successful with it? Here are some tips!

  1. Indicating they’re uncomfortable – One sign that a child is ready for toilet training is they pull at or mess with their diaper when they have soiled or wet it and maybe even take it off.  They might even try to lead you to where their diapers are changed or bring you a new diaper indicating they’re dirty and need a change.
  2. Interested in others using the toilet – Another sign your child might be ready to toilet train is they are interested in what others are doing when they use the toilet.  Does your child watch you or their siblings intently if they’re in the bathroom with you when you use the toilet? Is your child able to imitate sitting on the toilet? They might be ready!
  3. Able to sit still for a few minutes – During toilet training, it is important that your child be able to sit on the toilet long enough to be able to void completely.  If your child isn’t yet able to sit on the toilet long enough to fully void, the likelihood of an accident increases, which might lead to training failure.
  4. Predictability – Does your child have a predictable bowel movement schedule? Have you noticed they often need changing at certain times of the day? This is not only a sign for toilet training readiness, but that predictability will help when you are actually toilet training.  If you know when to make sure your child has easy access to a toilet, it will make toilet training more successful!
  5. Dressing and communication – If your child is able to pull up or down their pants and underwear independently, this is another sign that they may be ready to start using the toilet. They may even indicate through a gesture or verbal request that they need to use the toilet, though independent requests often develop later.  If your child can do both, consider these signs of toilet training readiness!
  6. Dry periods – Another key sign that your child is ready is that they can stay dry for a reasonable amount of time, around an hour or two, on a regular basis.  Waking up dry from a nap or in the morning after a full night of sleep is also an indicator that your child might be ready to start toilet training.

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