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Fun Fall Sensory Activities

Fun Fall Sensory Activities

September 21st, 2018
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The colors of the leaves are starting to change and there’s a fresh, crisp smell in the air. It’s time for fall! During this season, kids are adjusting into their school routines and the majority of them are moving less and indoors more. For some children, however, indoor activities and less movement breaks can lead to behavioral changes. If you are parent or a teacher, you understand the importance of having sensory play built into our kids’ daily routine. You can make fall a sensory filled season for you and your kiddos with some fun activities mentioned below.

Fall Themed Sensory Bin

First and foremost, a fall themed sensory bin is so much fun for you and your kiddos. Whether you are using this for your classroom or home it is very easy and inexpensive to make. Just find yourself a used box or plastic container. Dump in some corn, rice, or beans and throw in some pine corns, acorns, and tiny pumpkins. Make your bin colorful by throwing in feathers and leaves! Sensory bins are a great tool for strengthening fine motor skills such as pincer grasp, scooping, and pointing. These sensory bins are also a good way to build language skills. It is fun to learn and talk about colors, textures, sizes, and shapes.

Raking Leaves

If you and your kiddos are in the mood for those large movement breaks, then raking up those leaves and leaf pile jumping will be the perfect fix for a fun sensory activity for fall! Leaf pile jumping is great proprioceptive play. I have also used leaf pile jumping to build on social skills. For example, the kiddos learn the importance of appropriate body space, taking turns, and working together to rake a big pile of leaves.

Happy fall! We hope you enjoy these fun fall sensory activities together with your kids!


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