KGH Autism Services: ASD Treatment Clinic, Chicago & Madison
ABA therapy is considered the standard of care to address the challenges that may come with an autism diagnosis.

We believe your child's therapy program should be personalized to their individual needs, from the number of therapy hours, to the location of therapy, to the type of services received. 

Whether your child was recently diagnosed or you are looking for a new therapy path, we are here to support you from infancy through young adulthood. 

Our therapeutic ABA-based preschool and kindergarten programs are dedicated to teaching your child the skills needed to successfully transition into their district school with minimal supports.

Autism doesn’t just impact one person in the family.

That’s why we believe success depends on the entire family feeling empowered and supported. Our services embrace the family as a whole. 

A seasoned, multidisciplinary team to support you.

We believe direct therapy should be provided by licensed and certified professionals. Your BCBA will not only supervise your child’s team, but will provide direct therapy weekly.

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“Thanks for all the great work you do. Thanks to the intensive program that he has undertaken, my little boy was able to say, ‘I love you, Mommy’ for the first time last week. I couldn’t even have imagined that 6 months ago.” 

Jennifer A.

Creating Structure & Learning Opportunities for Your Child While Schools Are Closed

These are difficult times that our country and communities are facing. Schools are closed and many families are faced with uncertainty.  It is well known that children thrive on structure and that can be hard when faced with quarantine and social isolations. The following are some ideas to help structure your days to help provide both structure and fight boredom throughout the day.

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We are here to help.

From coordinating insurance to creating a customized therapy plan, we will help your family find happier days.